American Herbalist Guild Oregon Chapter

Herbalist in Oregon

August meeting this weekend August 25th noon to 2pm at PCC CLIMB

Is August 25, 12-2pm at the PCC CLIMB building near OMSI okay with everyone?

Please contact any of the officers for more details.

Meeting Agenda

Topics to discuss include progress updates from officers, Oregon AHG mission statement, fulfilling the list of tasks needed by the AHG for the Symposium this November (that list can be found here.  Please review and add your name wherever you might be of assistance), also, Herb Pharm has contacted me asking how they might sponsor or assist!!  That would be a fun topic!, future events, future meeting structure, etc.  Please do email me and let me know if there is anything you would like added to the agenda.

Hope everyone is getting a lot of herbal processing done right about now.  I know I am!  It’s in full swing!

-Kristi Shapla

Meeting Location

Amanda said:

I would be happy to reserve space at the education and movement space where I work and teach from 12:30-2:30 Sunday August 25th, it is very near to the CLIMB center where we had our first meeting, and is a very comfortable space to meet. Let me know if that would work for everyone and I will reserve it!
Amanda Mayther

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